Animals by Ryan Mcginley

What happens when animals are the subject and humans the object? The answer is in the recent work of the American photographer and filmmaker Ryan Mcginley. In his last photography series Animals, the artist explored the interaction between animals and man. By the way, if we want to be precise, the last one (man) is […]

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Visi(c)torian animals

Don’t try to call her creations “human” or “animals”. Charlotte Coy’s artworks are Visitorians. The London based artist, novelist, playwright and journalist is best known for her collaged Victorian photography and taxidermy. When she was a teenager she started developing an interest in drawing and studying the animal kingdom. Years later, when the love for […]

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Have an Animal seat!

480 hours of works and 9-11 weeks to manufacture a seat. If you are passionate about unique design and you want to add a fashionable jungle element into your apartment, well, you should definitely take a look to the Animal Chair collection by Maximo Riera. Maximo Riera had been an artist for more than 30 […]

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