The Furry Fandom subculture

Fascinated by the relationship between human-animal, the so called Furry Fandom subculture definitely deserve a space in the FASHIONJUNGLE habitat. The furry fandom community is characterized by fictional animal characters with human features, such as the ability to speak, walk on two legs and wear clothes. This subculture is not only an Internet phenomenon, but […]

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Visi(c)torian animals

Don’t try to call her creations “human” or “animals”. Charlotte Coy’s artworks are Visitorians. The London based artist, novelist, playwright and journalist is best known for her collaged Victorian photography and taxidermy. When she was a teenager she started developing an interest in drawing and studying the animal kingdom. Years later, when the love for […]

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Have an Animal seat!

480 hours of works and 9-11 weeks to manufacture a seat. If you are passionate about unique design and you want to add a fashionable jungle element into your apartment, well, you should definitely take a look to the Animal Chair collection by Maximo Riera. Maximo Riera had been an artist for more than 30 […]

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We are going on a FASHIONJUNGLE adventure, because this is the right place to go. FASHIONJUNGLE hope you are ready for this journey, because you will see people transforming themselves into animals and humanized animals. This might seem a little bit crazy/dramatic, but actually the combo human-animal is a thing that in fashion is going […]