FASHIONJUNGLE (about) is an inspirational platform of visuals, thoughts, and everything comes into our mind when we think about human and animals.

It is not only a reportage of what happend and what it is happening right now, but it is a journey into the merge of this two worlds like no other. We understand more and more that living in a jungle is truly a state of mind. It is the mind in a state of wilderness. In fashion, as in the animal world, surviving is at the order of the day. To get in touch with our animal instincts and get wild with the ultra-fashion animal inspired. We strongly believe that even in the upcoming seasons this phenomenon will still bear witness to its visibility in fashion and popular culture. Providing a rare opportunity for pet and fashion lovers to enjoy their passions in a whole new way.

This is what FASHIONJUNGLE does: we make our own path, analysing the circumstances, showing our hidden forces and true spirit, our animal side, being part of the Jungle.

Featuring artists, designers, photographers and current ways of believing, FASHIONJUNGLE portrays the love and hate relationship between the two worlds.