A twerking giant teddy bear

How cute and fluffy is a giant teddy bear? Lovely.

If you ever dreamed about the typical Instagram relationship where the cute boyfriend is offering red roses and the huge teddy bear to his hot girlfriend, well, you should also think about the way to heal after the break-up. But, hopefully for you, last year the Web seems to have found the perfect solution.

“What do you do with the giant stuffed bear your ex gave you? Cut it open and climb inside!’ explained a Twitter user posting a video of a huge panda bear.

The so called Teddy bear challenge is definitely one of the weirdest challenge that sprung up on social media, with the result of contrasting comments from “hilarious” to “seriously unsettling”.

Apparently the phenomenon began in the US thanks to the Twitter user @ alexis_baldner who opened a teddy bear and put her little sister inside.

From there, the trend took off online and thousands of people started posting videos where they were dancing inside the skin of their fluffy friend, reaching is some cases more than 1,400 retweets and thousands of like.Dancing to hip-hop and twerking, the participants were often surrounded by the cotton white stuffing removed from the inside of the bears coming in different sizes and colours.

Probably the phenomenon was also a tribute to Revenant, the movie that last year won three Golden Globe Awards, five BAFTA Awards and in which Leonardo Di Caprio got his first unforgettable Oscar winner.

If you still don’t own your giant teddy bear you should seriously take into consideration the option to buy one or to wait for your boyfriend to offer one for you (here’s where you can buy it).

The giant teddy bear trend is still in vogue and if you will ever get tired of it, at least now you know what you can do!


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