The Zoo Portraits project

Are you a gorilla, wolf or lion? Animals are always used as a tool to portrait the personality and other characteristics of human being.

Through the Zoo Portraits project the artist Yago Partal shows animals with human clothes, highlighting the infinite similarities between the two worlds. The Spanish artist, photographer and producer based in Barcelona depicted our furry friends in outfits that their human equivalent would definitely wear. A giraffe in a roll neck jumper, a koala in a Hawaiian shirt, a wolf in a tuxedo, an ostrich with a bowler hat and a lot more: the result is a fun, but at the same time surreal, collection of prints of half photographs and half illustrations.

The zoo portraits project was born in 2013 and initially started as a marketing campaign for photo books of models and actors/actresses. The campaign had immediately a huge success, becoming incredibly viral online and reaching the world press in a very little time. “I am very surprised by the acceptance of this photographic series – I guess a frontal portrait of an animal wearing fashionable clothes and directly looking at the viewer seems to generate some curiosity in people.” said Mr Partal, who have been attracted by the animal kingdom, fashion and cartoons since he was a child. The collection, developed with the brand manager Isabelle Bazsó, is currently a registered trademark and independent project. You can purchase the pictures below from his online store.

Zoo Portraits is not only a creative project but also educational, with the purpose of raising awareness and protect the animal kingdom thanks to the help of specific animal organizations.

Maybe animals are really dictating the fashion system’s rules. If they can model with the same outfits we are wearing every day, then the question that immediately came up in our mind is only one: who wore it better?


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