The Furry Fandom subculture

Fascinated by the relationship between human-animal, the so called Furry Fandom subculture definitely deserve a space in the FASHIONJUNGLE habitat.

The furry fandom community is characterized by fictional animal characters with human features, such as the ability to speak, walk on two legs and wear clothes. This subculture is not only an Internet phenomenon, but it origins take back in the early 80’s, where the Furry Fandom grew out from anime and sci-fi conventions. In this period, the furry fans started to write fanzines and in the 90’s the first furry conventions were born. Years later, thanks to the accessibility to Internet, the socialization between furry fandom fans became a way easier, with the consequentially creation of fans group and virtual entertainment like alt fan furry and MUCKs.

80% dominated by male in their late 20’s, this subculture writes short fiction and creates artworks and fursonas (furry personas) to meet and interact with each other both in real life and in digital.

The fursona can be any real or mythological creature, and a single design can require up to 200 hours of work, with a price range from a minimum of $2,000 to $3,000. Even though dogs and cats are always the most required, also this filed follows the latest trends: neon colours, grumpy looking characters, up to today where hybrids like fox+wolf and dragon+lynx are becoming really popular.

Always misunderstood in popular culture as a “bizarre sexual fetish” and associated to transgender and gay, the furry fandom is definitely one of the most harassed community since the born of internet. What is important to underline is that for the furry fans this subculture is mainly an escape from the reality. It is like wearing a mask that makes you feel protect and allows you to become, temporarily, someone or something else.

“What draws people in is that they can create this character which is a better version of themselves,” explains Sarah Dee, a master fursona maker, owner of the Managerie Workshop in Colorado.

Since the phenomenon is growing more and more, the furry fandom community is just hoping for a greater acceptance.


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