Lions, tigers and Gucci

Rome, what a stunning city. The capital, pasta carbonara, Pantheon, Trevi fountain, Parco degli acquedotti, tigers, lions, and Gucci outfits.

Wait, wild animals in the eternal city? There’s something that doesn’t make sense here.

For the last spring summer 2017 adv campaign, the creative director of the Gucci fashion house, Alessandro Michele, transformed the historic city of Rome into something really wild, perfectly in line with the FASHIONJUNGLE attitude!

According to the brand’s press release “Wild cats nonchalantly roam the romantic city alongside our [cast], a giraffe is fed grapes as they dine al fresco, and lions and tigers are welcomed into their home as they watch TV.”

There was a mix of normality and abnormal facts in a surreal scenario. Definitely a bizarre campaign, where models, hanged out  with tigers and lions and partied with them as it was something common, at the order of the day.

Alessandro Michele, another time, confirmed his eccentric and animal lover vision of fashion. The 25 pictures campaign, featured “a band of artists and colourful characters”, and paid homage to personalities like Cy Twombly, Mario Schifano and Laura Betty. Both the campaign pictures and film were shot by the British renewed photographer Glen Luchford who gave his typical 90’s inspired signature touch. Not only the animals were wild, but also the prints that the successful creative director focused on, tigers, lions and snakes, embellished gowns, t- shirts and tailored pantsuits.

Be ready to move the images below, you are gonna hear the roooar!

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