We are going on a FASHIONJUNGLE adventure, because this is the right place to go.

FASHIONJUNGLE hope you are ready for this journey, because you will see people transforming themselves into animals and humanized animals.

This might seem a little bit crazy/dramatic, but actually the combo human-animal is a thing that in fashion is going on since the beginning of ‘800- according to Joshua Katcher, author of the book Fashion and Animals and teacher at Parsons School of Design of New York.

Human interest in anthropomorphism (the attribution of human characteristics or behaviour to a god, animal, or object) is nothing new: it is visible in mythology and prehistoric artworks that illustrate human-animal combinations: mermaid, centaur, pan, devil and so on.

And yet in our times things didn’t change that much. Dog, tigers, unicorns, bambi, and the recent super trendy flamingos. Costumes, YouTube make up tutorials, animal role play and animals as models in fashion campaigns.

Animals, with their symbolic meanings, are deeply rooted in our imagination. This is the reason why they are often use in the fashion world (with the consequence of being heavily criticized by animalists and activists as a real exploitation).

It seems that we don’t consider anymore ourselves above others creatures, either we don’t feel the need of having only a human appearance, and animals can also easily replace our job. A sort of new re-connection with the natural world.

Are we suddenly transforming into our furry friends? Or vice versa? Is this progression or just an identity crisis?

Well, here is definitely the right place to discover it! Let’s keep in touch for more info…and Welcome to FASHIONJUNGLE!



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